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Here at Michigan Optimal Movement Center, we locate & unlock restrictions in the body to optimize movement in our clients so they can move freely through life


We combine specialized techniques with accountability & consistency to set our clients up for maximum success

 By blending the techniques of massage & bodywork with specialized table-based assisted stretch, we craft customized, hybrid sessions - all designed to improve & amplify your quality of life 


Our hybrid sessions are completely customized based on how you come in!
You may experience any combination of the following in your session:

  • Specialized Stretching Techniques

This table-based assisted stretching is gentle yet effective in influencing your body's connective tissue - also known as your fascia. Through this specialized technique known as Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), we work with your body and meet you where you're at to encourage length in restricted tissue, increase movement in joints, and work to balance the body's tension patterns through this unique technique. (Read more here)

  • Massage Therapy Techniques

Techniques of massage and bodywork may be integrated as needed based on how you present each session - it may be appropriate to approach tight tissue with various massage techniques in focused or broad areas. The use of massage cups or tools may be indicated to free up restrictions even further to optimize your overall movement.

  • Personal Training Aspects

Particular aspects of personal training may be suggested based on your body's restrictions or compensation patterns - offering you some personalized self-stretches to implement, strengthening suggestions grounded in applicable training for your lifestyle, and so on.

By combining these three pillars in a variety of ratios in your customized sessions, our goal is to optimize your mobility and amplify your quality of life - what that means for you is completely personal.

That may mean working to free up mobility from an old injury, improve your sleep quality, reduce stress, improve athletic performance, etc. We're here to partner with you to accomplish the goals that are set on your heart and mind.

How OPTIMAL would you rate your current overall movement?

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Not quite a 5/5? Keep scrolling to see how we can partner with you on your wellness path!

What We Offer

We all know that Rome wasn't built in a day, and since restoring your body's movement is no exception,

we strive to make your personal goals as achievable as possible by crafting our services with three distinct phases:

 Phase 1:  First-time clients have the opportunity to try us out by booking their own customized Discovery Session - we'll start unpacking those restrictions with stretching and massage techniques, which will determine if we're a good match for you and your wellness goals, and begin planning the next steps in our partnership

 Phase 2:  Clients will then be able to select from one of our Signature Packages - each specifically designed to keep you on track for change - or build their own plan based on their individual needs

 Phase 3:  After making progress with freeing up mobility, clients unlock access to all of our monthly Maintenance Memberships - each crafted to help you maintain your progress

Misty Slopes

Discovery Session


What to expect:

Your intro session with us will be a combination of introductions, bodywork, & wellness-path planning

We'll review your client intake form prior to bodywork for the day - we begin with a specialized stretch technique, along with some soft-tissue work, and will move into planning your wellness-path and partnership with us if we're a good fit for you and your goals!

Be sure to show up in mobile clothing for your session (think workout clothes), or you can change when you get here to ensure that we can work productively! There will be no need to disrobe for the massage portion for your Discovery Session.

Mountain Range

Questions Before You Book Your Discovery Session?

Complete this form to submit your request for a free 15-minute consultation call where we can answer specific questions you may have regarding booking your own Discovery Session!

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Check out our FAQ page for additional information!

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